What’s on your recovery menu? (Part 3)

30 October 2017 : In this edition we continue with the “wearable recovery” theme. Compression therapy: Most sports recovery devices or other performance aids are typically developed as an evolutionary step from established medical Read More

What’s on your recovery menu? (Part 2)

23 October 2017 : As a prelude to this month’s editorial, basic principles and application of emerging wearable devices was discussed in the May edition. The recovery challenge for athletes, is largely focussed on Read More

Strength Training for Junior Athletes

16 October 2017 : As both a strength and conditioning coach and secondary school teacher, helping young individuals to develop and achieve through sport is a great passion of mine. A topic that is Read More

Strength = Speed

2 October 2017 : If you want to be fast, you first need to be strong All athletes want to go faster. From sprinters to ultra-marathon runners, our sporting performances and achievements are largely Read More

Am I ready for Ironman?

2 October 2017 : Perhaps a better question to ask would be: “Do I have the right foundations for Ironman success?” The element I love about the sport of triathlon, in particular, Ironman, is Read More

Tips for Tapers

11 September 2017 : How many successful races are thrown away with terrible tapers? Proper tapering is all about experience and personalisation. See, a taper, in theory, has a conical profile. If workload occupies Read More

Training Your Stomach to Run

11 September 2017 : Most triathletes spend countless hours doing specific training sessions with the goal of increasing strength, building lean muscle mass as well as muscular endurance. Quite simply, the reason why we Read More

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