Tips for Tapers

11 September 2017 : How many successful races are thrown away with terrible tapers? Proper tapering is all about experience and personalisation. See, a taper, in theory, has a conical profile. If workload occupies Read More

Training Your Stomach to Run

11 September 2017 : Most triathletes spend countless hours doing specific training sessions with the goal of increasing strength, building lean muscle mass as well as muscular endurance. Quite simply, the reason why we Read More

Swimming 101

7 September 2017 : At this time of the year, whether you are with a coach or self-coached you will want to make some real improvements in your performance. The first step is to Read More

What’s on your recovery menu? (part 1)

7 September 2017 : The mainstream population typically refers to recovery as the period and processes required to re-establish normality following injury or illness. Naturally, this concept also holds true for athletes. However, athletes Read More

Faster at 45

17 August 2017 : A friend recently reached out to ask for advice. He turns 30 this year and was seeking my counsel, as a 40-something, on how to prepare for the ‘inevitable athletic Read More

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