Swimming in the Open Water

11 May 2018 : “Dear coach, I have been participating in triathlons for a while and I’m starting to feel like my swim has plateaued. I also find when I get into the open water Read More

Tri Cross-Training Secrets

11 May 2018 : Triathlon is an amazing sport because it allows us to vary our training a lot compared to the majority of single discipline sports. I am sure that if you think Read More

Get the edge – Run downhill

18 April 2018 : You would think that downhill running comes naturally but running downhill efficiently and repetitively is not as easy as it sounds. Good downhill runners – like uphill runners – seemingly Read More

Creating a faster run

18 April 2018 : Running faster for longer is an area that everyone wants to improve on in order to become a ‘faster’ runner. When we talk about ‘run speed’ for triathletes it isn’t Read More


28 March 2018 : How do you spot a triathlete in a crowd? Is it the shaved legs, the bright, active wear or the (gasp!) compression socks? Is it the (gasp again!) M-dot tattoo Read More

Who Needs Tradition?

28 March 2018 : In the 17 years that I’ve been involved in triathlon, I’ve come to learn a great deal of the sport’s history. It is a pretty crazy and charming characteristic of Read More

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