Your Guide to Getting Started

19 July 2017 : Ask yourself these 5 questions: 1.      Are you always complaining that you’re tight in areas? 2.      Do you believe your joints are as mobile as they could be Read More

Yoga for Triathletes (Part1)

17 July 2017 : About seven years ago I decided to give a weekly yoga class a go after speaking with advocates who were also athletes. I was quickly impressed with the results once Read More

What’s Up this Winter

7 June 2017 : As you set goals for next year, there are a few areas you could make your focus as we move from the race season into the colder months. The main Read More

The Comeback Trail

14 November 2016 : Injury discriminates against no one – it can stall even the greatest of athletes. Jordan Blanco speaks to Linsey Corbin and dishes out a lesson in careful recovery for all. Read More

Get Sponsored

14 November 2016 : As the depth of the sport has steadily grown, many age group athletes at the pointy end of the amateur ranks have performance progressions that may have started to plateau, Read More

Finding The Right Coach For You

14 November 2016 : Searching for a new coach can be a daunting experience; whether you are new to the sport of triathlon, or a seasoned triathlete. Many triathletes look for a coach for Read More

S&C: Stabilising the Shoulder Joint

11 January 2016 : On a weekly basis I seem to have a conversation or overhear an athlete complaining of a shoulder niggle. The regularity of this topic encouraged me to write the following Read More
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