Ten Strength Exercises for Triathlon

13 September 2018 : Gliding through the water, climbing on the bike and maintaining a strong and fast form throughout the run are all reasons triathletes need to strength train. Here are our top Read More


13 September 2018 : You’ve been training for a few years now, results happened quickly, improvements kept coming, you felt unstoppable, riding the high of your triathlon successes. But as quickly as the results Read More

Triathlon Swimming

10 September 2018 : In past swim related articles I’ve written for AT, the focus has been on the advantages of being swim-fit and how this benefits your overall triathlon performance; on open water Read More

Creating Your Mental Edge

10 September 2018 : Endurance sports offer us a very unique challenge in the sense that we are often made to push ourselves past our preconceived mental and physical limits to reach our quest Read More


22 August 2018 : Our tendons are highly important structures for ensuring we can perform and train optimally. Often overlooked, tendon injury and overuse is something that needs consideration in all areas of training. Read More

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