Compulsion vs. Commitment

28 March 2018 : Compulsion – an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way. Commitment – the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. It takes commitment to be Read More

Super Summer Salmon Salad

27 March 2018 : This quick, light option for two is perfect for those times when you only want to grab a few things from the supermarket and cut down on the prep time. Read More

Skin Dipping

22 February 2018 : Safety in the sun can be pretty dull: “Have you got a hat on darling?” We have been force-fed this message since we were kids. But there’s one thing duller Read More

Swimmer’s Shoulder

19 February 2018 : A shoulder injury can be a significant barrier to both training and competition, particularly for swimmers. Due to the repetitive nature of swimming strokes and high demands placed on the Read More

Green Smoothie Bowl

8 January 2018 : If you haven’t jumped on board the smoothie bowl craze as yet, use these warm summer months to try it! Eating a smoothie with a spoon may sound a little Read More

Minestrone Soup

16 November 2017 : For those areas that are still experiencing some cooler weather, this recipe is sure to warm you up. It can easily be adapted to a training day by adding extra Read More

3-Ingredient Fruit Cake

30 October 2017 : Prep Time: 5 mins + soak overnight Cook Time: 2-2½ hours Ingredients:  600mL of chocolate flavoured milk OR iced coffee 1kg of mixed dried fruit 2 cups of self-raising flour Read More

Training and Racing Portables

30 October 2017 : Nutrition Base phase training in winter and early spring is the perfect time to start considering your nutrition intake and the timing of it, for each session. Bike and run Read More

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