MAAP my ride

24 May 2018 : As triathletes, we spend a big part of our training cycling – normal, because the bike makes up the largest portion of a triathlon event. Ask any coach, if you Read More

A leap of faith

15 May 2018 : What happens when two guys, who have been best mates since they met racing bikes at the age of 17, decide to take a leap of faith after 15 years Read More

Orca Predator and 3.8 Wetsuits

26 February 2018 : Orca is synonymous with triathlon, and have been innovating and refining their triathlon-style suits since they began a quarter of a century ago. In 2017, the Orca graphics are gone Read More

Don’t Run…Fly!

27 November 2017 : Women What do you look for in a running/triathlon shoe? Is it purely about comfort and choosing a shoe to suit the distance you plan to run? Or is there Read More

Xtreme Carbon wheels

27 November 2017 : Over the last few years, there have been many changes in performance race wheels for bikes. From deeper, to wider and serrated, there seems to be no end to the Read More

Turbocharging Your Indoor Bike Workout

16 November 2017 : The thought of spending time on your indoor bike trainer for hours on end in the ‘pain cave’ makes many triathletes cringe over this mind numbing training session. Spending some Read More

1X Build

16 November 2017 : In our last article we discussed the rationale behind why 1x (single front chain ring) might work for triathletes and TT’ers. We concluded that most triathlon and time trial courses Read More

The Wahoo Kickr

16 November 2017 : The world is full of a lot of smart things nowadays. From smart phones to smart watches, smart TVs and even smart cars. Well, as a triathlete, unless you have Read More

Tech Talk: Sound Off

30 October 2017 : WHY 1X? Around two years ago the notion of 1x (pronounced one-by) set-ups was starting to be introduced into the road market. By this, we mean a single front chainring Read More

2XU Compression

30 October 2017 : Compression For Recovery Proper recovery is essential to any training plan to help prevent overuse injuries, and sports experts are uncovering huge gains by implementing smart recovery techniques. During training Read More

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