Add Speed with SPEEDO

17 July 2018 : With Speedo being one the world’s oldest and best-known brands of swimwear, not to mention one of Australia’s most famous brand names, you would think their wetsuits would be high Read More

Feel the need, the need for speed

19 June 2018 : You would be hard-pressed to find any triathlete in Australia, let alone the world, who hasn’t used a Speedo product. And while their heritage is steeped in swimming it has Read More

MAAP my ride

24 May 2018 : As triathletes, we spend a big part of our training cycling – normal, because the bike makes up the largest portion of a triathlon event. Ask any coach, if you Read More

A leap of faith

15 May 2018 : What happens when two guys, who have been best mates since they met racing bikes at the age of 17, decide to take a leap of faith after 15 years Read More

Orca Predator and 3.8 Wetsuits

26 February 2018 : Orca is synonymous with triathlon, and have been innovating and refining their triathlon-style suits since they began a quarter of a century ago. In 2017, the Orca graphics are gone Read More

Don’t Run…Fly!

27 November 2017 : Women What do you look for in a running/triathlon shoe? Is it purely about comfort and choosing a shoe to suit the distance you plan to run? Or is there Read More

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