T-minus 24 weeks

What a month! It has been pretty crazy in shenanigans land lately, and it seems like the airport has become my new hangout. And while it has been loads of fun travelling, it hasn’t been great for training… Remember? #IMWA2017.

Where have I been?

Well, there was South America for Ironman Brazil, in Florianopolis. This was annual leave – an anniversary present from my boyfriend, to watch him race. He was hoping to #KQ (Kona Qualify), but unfortunately, three mechanicals on the bike put him out of contention by a mere 10minutes – ouch! We were pretty gutted after that – here’s a big FU to bike mechanicals – but that’s where caipirinha’s helped. Just kidding… no, I’m not! It was an amazing trip. Plus, along with cheering for my main guy, I also got to watch and cheer for some of my fave Ironman athletes – shout out to Linsey Corbin. And I got to see Tim Don’s record-breaking performance – ah-mazing!

After that it was a 33-hour trip home (THIRTY.THREE.HOURS. I kid you not!), two days at home/in the office and then I was back on a plane travelling to Far North Queensland, to cover #IMCairns for the magazine.

I know, tough gig, right?

moto selfie2

Chasing athletes on the back of a moto.

Well, while it has all been loads of fun and I got to escape the shiver pool that is Melbourne at the moment, and while it may seem like I’ve won the lotto and am on a permanent holiday, it’s work… Well, Cairns was anyway. I was there to work and to get a job done. With that comes pressure, stress, anxiety and maybe a few tears thrown in for good measure. OK, yeah, I hear ya: “Oh, cry me a river, Miss I’m-Living-My-Dream.” Trust me – I’m not complaining. It’s just that, the perception that travelling to and covering a race is a fun holiday is wrong. Yes, it’s fun to be in exotic locations, it’s better than being in the office, etc., etc.… But it’s still work. And there’s pressure to get things done and done right. People watching/following an Ironman event at home/online can be pretty unforgiving, so there’s pressure to get things right.


I did get to help the legendary Korupt Vision interview some of the pro’s, which was cool. But funny story – because I’m still kinda new to this role (can I say that after nine months?) I still get all #fangirl when I speak to the pro’s (gods). Yes, I know, they’re just regular people (ha! no they’re not), but I can’t help getting a little nervy. These nerves took over my body, and my hand would not stop shaking at the start of recording the Facebook live interview we did with Callum Millward and Tim Van Berkel in the lead up to the race (come on Margs – get your shit together!). Also, this was my first time recording a Facebook live video, so of course I had the phone horizontal instead of vertical, which meant the video on Facebook was sideways at the start causing potential neck injuries (sorry everyone)… Anyways! Watch the video (click here). The guys are hilarious!

On race day I got to ride around on a moto, chasing athletes up and down the stunning bike course. That was fun! My mission was to take happy snaps of as many age group athletes as I could for our Age Group Heroes feature – stay tuned for the next edition of the mag to see if you’ve made the cut. Thanks to those athletes who smiled or waved in my direction. I also got to help Korupt Vision again, this time taking video footage of the pro’s at the finish line. Very cool and yes, my hand was a little more steady this time. Oh, and I may have even scored a selfie with Kristin Moeller (she came third) – #selfiewithapro! Once the pro’s were across the line, it was back out on course to take more snaps before heading back to the hotel to start processing the photos. Big. Day.

All of this has meant that I’ve had to put training on a bit of a back burner lately as work has taken priority. Sure, I did the odd morning run/jog while in Cairns, but it was nothing significant. So, I’m back to slowly regaining my fitness and rebuilding my strength. The countdown to #IMWA2017 is officially on. And after seeing some friends (including my boyfriend who raced two Ironman’s in two weeks – a little crazy!) qualify for Kona in Cairns, I secretly want that feeling (just kidding… I’d have to race on Mars to #KQ). Oh, and I really don’t want to be shark bait at #IMWA – regretting watching Jaws, much! – so I’d better get back in the pool… T-minus 24 weeks to go.

~ Margy Margs


Margaret Mielczarek

Margaret Mielczarek is the deputy editor at Australian Triathlete Magazine and writes the web series 'Shenanigans of a Deputy 2.0'. She is a passionate age-group triathlete and four-time Ironman finisher - currently in training for Ironman number five!

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