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When winter hits and the days a short, dark, cold and well, generally miserable, motivation to get out the door for that run session or to hit the gym can be pretty low. A little trick we love that helps my motivation (well, when the budget allows for it) is to treat ourselves to some new winter training gear – who doesn’t love new gear, and as they say, one way to feel better and to be more motivated is to look the part.

But finding that perfect sports bra (in the case of tri ladies), run leggings and tank can sometimes be a little tricky, and it’s hard knowing exactly how it’s all going to fit and feel, without getting hot and sweaty. That’s where AT comes in! AT’s Deputy, Margy Margs has done the hard work for you and sweat-tested the latest from Wyn Republic’s activewear range to help you decide whether this product range is right for you, whatever your workout!


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The Product: Do. It. Now. Sports Bra – Black 

The Lowdown

The Wyn Republic ‘Do. It. Now. Sports Bra’ is said to offer equal parts style, comfort and support. It promises to provide moderate support with full coverage without being restrictive. The strappy cross-back design is meant to ensure you can get the bra on and off easily. It’s recommended to wear the bra layered under the ‘Air Mesh Run Tank’ or ‘Aero+ Tri Suits’, or you can wear it on its own.

Listed features:

  • Quick-dry, breathable fabric
  • Four-way stretch
  • Reflective logo detailing on the front and back for additional safety

Sizes: XS-XL

Cost: $54

The Verdict

Admittedly, I was a little sceptical at first about this sports bra – it’s one thing to create tri apparel and race gear, it’s another to delve into the sports bra industry. This is largely because of all the specific requirements needed in sports bras. But I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I love this sports bra. It has ticked all my form, fit and function boxes – it looks great, keeps you secure and doesn’t cause harm (doesn’t cut in, cause rubbing or chafing).

Like most female triathletes, I want to be well supported by my sports bra when training and racing – that’s a big, NO THANK-YOU to unnecessary bounce (ouch!). There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re going to fall out of your bra while you’re running. I also don’t want my sports bra to cause any unwanted chaffing (it’s bad enough being chaffed by your HR strap), and I don’t want it to dig into my skin potentially causing cuts and bleeding – no, thanks! I’m not a fan of underwires, separate cups or extra padding. I want my sports bra to be firm without being too tight or restrictive. I don’t need 101 fancy straps at the back, but I much prefer a crossover design because it typically means the straps will stay in place. Speaking of all things straps – I’m not a fan of sports bras that clasp at the back. I’m a fan of crop top style bras so that I can wear them on their own when running in the heat. I also want to look OK when training – so, basically, I want my sports bra to look and feel good, while providing just the right amount of support.

Putting the sports bra through its paces during a treadmill session

For me, Wyn Republic’s ‘Do. It. Now. Sports Bra’ ticks all of my criteria. The crossover design looks chic, the straps sit in place and don’t dig into your skin – there was no cutting or chafing during my run sessions. Also, the under-boob band didn’t creep up, and I was able to fit my HR strap snuggly under it. I felt supported during my runs – there was no sag, unwanted bounce, and I felt snug without being constricted. There was some yoga-like manoeuvring required to get into/out of the bra on first wear, but after a few wears, it’s not a major issue. I found that the bra moulded well to my boobs, creating a very flattering look – there was no side spillage either. The reflective Wyn Republic logos add to the overall chic look of the bra, and while they are technically reflective they’re also quite small, so I’m not sure how much additional safety they provide me during my runs but let’s be honest, I’m not relying on my sports bra to keep me safe when out running!

Overall, I think this sports bra is great, on par with other popular sport bra brands (think Nike, Under Armour etc.) and definitely an option for female triathletes who are looking to update/expand their bra drawer – I found this bra great for run and bike sessions, and even Pilates. What’s more, even after multiple washes, it has retained its quality so far. An overall win.


The Product: Air Mesh Run Tank – Black/Slate

The Lowdown

The ‘barely there’ Wyn Republic ‘Air Mesh Run Tank’ is said to bring “light and breathable” to a whole new level. It’s a statement tank that lets you run free in next-to-nothing technology. It’s suggested to pair with Wyn Republic’s ‘All. The. Things. City Lights Leggings’.

Listed features:

  • Full mesh construction for unrivalled breathability
  • Dries in a flash and incredible light
  • Four-way stretch construction
  • Classic racer back for full range of motion
  • Reflective logos on the chest and back for increased safety in low light

Sizes: XS-XL

Cost: $59

The Verdict

The tank pairs well with the sports bra

This one is perfect for runners who love the freedom of running without a tee or tank but who are a little self-conscious about actually running topless with just a sports bra on. The statement Air Mesh Run Tank brings you the best of both worlds – you’re covered, but because of the mesh fabric, it feels like you’re running in next-to-nothing. Running in this tank certainly gave me the feeling of freedom – having a looser yet structured fit I felt unrestricted during my runs while wearing something that still fit well, provided shape and was flattering. The racerback design is also excellent. There’s nothing worse than worrying about ill-fitting tops and tanks while you run. I had a recent experience with an ill-fitting tank where the straps kept falling down, which got incredibly annoying as I spent half the run pulling the straps up and tucking them into my sports bra so that they would stay in place. Not the experience I had running in Wyn Republic’s tank. Because of the racerback design, the straps stay in place. Also because of the lightweight mesh fabric I soon forgot about what I was wearing and was able to concentrate on my run. The mesh fabric not only gives you that running-in-nothing feeling, but it also makes the tank really breathable (as you’d expect) so I didn’t overheat or get too sweaty. The other great thing about this tank – it would be a great option over your bikinis in summer when you hit the beach.

The Product: All. The. Things. Leggings – City Lights

The Lowdown

The Wyn Republic ‘All. The. Things. Leggings – City Lights’ are said to be designed to do it all from Tabata sprints, yoga and long runs, to coffee dates and lunch with the girls. Made to be versatile, they are high-waisted, but this supportive waistband can be folded down for those who prefer to “strut their abs of steel”. Wyn Republic’s attention to detail is on display with their ‘City Lights’ pattern fading from night to grey, with gold twinkle dots for that little pop.

Their Butter fabric promises to stay cool when you turn up the heat and offers:

  • Four-way stretch
  • Quick dry
  • Luxurious satiny feel
  • Breathability

    Looking the goods and ready to run

The legging construction offers:

  • Tall girl inseam, which is easily hemmed for shorter athletes
  • Flat-lock stitching for long-haul comfort
  • Flattering high-waisted hourglass design
  • Reflective logos on the back, ankles and front/hip for some “bling and safety.”

Sizes: XS-XL

Cost: $89

The Verdict

Love them! Great for running in – although on my first run I felt like they were slipping down a little, creating an MC Hammer pants situation but I think I just didn’t have them pulled up high enough. Since that first run I’ve had no issues with any creeping down. They’re also great for Pilates – no issues with the leggings riding down during that session. And the super comfy, silky material makes them great for travelling in too. As far as breathability goes – this one is tricky to test at the moment given that it’s winter and Melbourne is basically set to one temperature – freezing! But I didn’t notice any extra issues with sweating or overheating during my recent Pilates session, so I think they do tick the breathability box. The high-waist band is great as well for tucking in any little flabby belly bits – although I would have preferred this to be tighter – and the hourglass design makes you look like you have legs for days. Move over Miranda Kerr! You expect quality products from Wyn Republic, and these leggings definitely don’t disappoint. You get comfort, fit and function with these bad boys, and so far they have lasted multiple washes and remain as new.


Margaret Mielczarek

Margaret Mielczarek is the deputy editor at Australian Triathlete Magazine and writes the web series 'Shenanigans of a Deputy 2.0'. She is a passionate age-group triathlete and four-time Ironman finisher - currently in training for Ironman number five!

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