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I love running and used to like doing so in silence – just my thoughts, the open road and me. That is, until recently, building for various Ironman 70.3 events and doing 20km+ solo long runs has got me reaching for the iPhone, headphones and my Spotify playlist (I’m a big fan of Linsey Corbin’s playlist on Clif Bar). I’ve also started to enjoy running at lunchtime’s, listening to music – a great time to unwind after a busy morning in the office, and great to recharge before tackling the afternoon.

But what I’ve started to cringe at is the thought of spending a few minutes before each run untangling my headphones – annoying! Not to mention having to manage the unruly cord while running. While not the worst thing in the world, it can get a little frustrating, especially when you’re trying to focus on hitting your
pace targets.

Enter wireless headphones.

When the Jaybird Run True Wireless Sport Headphones arrived at the AT office, I was super excited to give them a go. I’ll admit carrying only an iPhone during my runs from then on was a little bizarre at first, but I soon got used to the freedom of running cordless. Another thing I found a little strange at first was wearing the headphones around the office. Typically when I wear headphones it is around deadlines when I have to concentrate; I have to remove them before stepping away from my desk. Not the Jaybird wireless headphones though. You can leave these bad boys in and walk around the whole office while still grooving to your tunes. What’s more – I found them to be noise cancelling, which can be great in a busy office.

OK. So, are the Jaybird wireless headphones all that they’re stacked up to be? Yes and no. Bear with me.

From the point of unboxing you instantly get the feeling that these are going to be more luxurious headphones – stand-down old cord headphones, your job here is done. The packaging is sleek with instructions on how to use the headphones on the packaging itself, as well as also in the instruction leaflet inside. The instructions are clear and easy-to-follow – you really can’t go wrong. And pairing the headphones with your iPhone (using Bluetooth) is super easy and quick as well. Inside the box, the headphones come in a charging case, which looks like it would protect the headphones if you had it in your bag or pocket. Once you take the headphones out of the charging box, they switch on, and when you put them back into the box, they switch off ready to be charged. What’s more – if you leave the headphones on your desk after use and forget to put them in the box they will power-down so that you don’t waste battery life. It’s all about ensuring they’re ready to go when you’re ready to head out on your run.

It would seem that Jaybird are all about that attention to detail ensuring you receive the best, personalised experience. Headphones don’t fit quite right on first wear – too big/too small? Fret not. Inside the box, you also get a little Jaybird pouch, which contains extra interchangeable silicone tips and wing fins (designed to catch your out ear, locking the headphones in place) for personalised comfort. You will also find a charging cable inside this pouch.

Onto the headphones. They have a sleek design, encased with the Jaybird logo. Each headphone bud has a single button – the left bud activates Siri or Google Assistant and switches the headphones on/off. The right bud plays/pauses/skips forward music, accepts/ends/declines calls, and also turns the headphones on/off. You can also control music volume using the headphones. It takes a little bit of getting used to and remembering which bud does what is a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s better than doing this on your iPhone.

The headphones are designed for use with the Jaybird App, which you can download from your App Store or Google Play. I’ll admit, I haven’t used the App to its full potential as once the headphones were paired with my iPhone I was able to use the Spotify App, and I was set to go. But after a play with the App, it seems pretty cool – you can play music from this App and control the sound quality. Using the App you can also customise the controls on the buds, which is cool – so you can set which bud will control sound etc. But my personal fave, using the App function, ‘Find my buds’ you can locate your headphones if you misplace them. No losing your buds anytime soon! So handy!

So, how did I find the headphones – their general use and function while out running?

  • As mentioned, the headphones are extremely simple to use. They sync with your iPhone via Bluetooth easily and quickly.
  • The headphones are said to be ‘comfortable and secure’. Well, I certainly found them to be comfortable, I didn’t have any issues with fit and didn’t need to adjust the headphones once they were in and inserted correctly. But inserting them correctly is important because there were a couple of instances where the buds feel out of my ears – once in the office and once during a run. This isn’t great as it does increase the chances of losing the headphones, especially if they fall into the Yarra River (in my case) or down a drain, but once inserted correctly I no longer had this issue.
  • Custom sound? Tick. The sound, which can be customised using the App, is impressive plus, as briefly mentioned earlier; the headphones are noise cancelling as well. Reducing outside noise is excellent for the office if you’re on deadline and need to concentrate, and also good for running as well but I’d recommend keeping the sound down as you want to stay alert while out running for safety – to hear traffic/other road users etc.
  • Sweat-proof and water resistant – I’ll admit this one was a little tricky to test, as I haven’t worn the headphones in the rain and with it being winter I’m not sweating a considerable amount at the moment, and haven’t needed to splash water on my head mid-run. But one of the promised features is water resistance so it would be interesting to see how long the headphones would last if worn out in the rain or splashed with water regularly.
  • The battery life lasts a while without needing to be charged on first unpacking, which is a bonus as from the moment the headphones arrived I was very eager to head out the door to test them out. Then, when you do need to charge the headphones they come with a special sleek-looking charging case – you place the headphones into their sockets, close the case, insert the USB cord into the back of the case and to your computer or power-point, and you’re away.
  • I did encounter some small issues with interference to the sound (as if they were about to disconnect from Spotify) during my runs where the sound broke up a little. But this only lasted a couple of seconds on the two or three times that it happened and then the issue seemed to resolve itself.

Overall, I’m impressed. At $249.95 they are a little expensive but I’d say they’re worth the price point. And let’s face it – the freedom of running without having to manage unruly cords – priceless.



  • 4 hour play time + 8 hour charge case
  • Fast charge – 5 minute charge = 1 hour play time
  • Secure + Comfort-Fit with interchangeable tips and fins
  • Customise your sound with the Jaybird app
  • Sweat-proof and water resistant
  • Music + Calls


Images: Jaybird


Margaret Mielczarek

Margaret Mielczarek is the deputy editor at Australian Triathlete Magazine and writes the web series 'Shenanigans of a Deputy 2.0'. She is a passionate age-group triathlete and four-time Ironman finisher - currently in training for Ironman number five!

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