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Company founder Alexander Giebel talks about the pjuractive brand and tells us what’s special about the pjur product range for sport

Since 1995, the pjur group has been synonymous with high-quality health and body care products, which are marketed in more than 50 countries around the world. Since 2015, the pjur group has also been targeting athletes. Two products have already been successfully launched under the brand name “pjuractive”, both of which have the same goal: to provide protection for athletes skin, which is subject to particular strain. We spoke to company founder Alexander Giebel about pjuractive and what makes these products so special.

Company founder: Alexander Giebel


Australian Triathlete: Why the name “pjuractive”? What does this tell the user about the products?
Alexander Giebel: Since 1995, pjur has been synonymous with quality and purity. All of our products are made in Germany, and we only use ingredients of the highest possible quality. In this respect, the name pjur is derived from the English word “pure”. These values have always been the maxims that we stand for and that we embody, and this also extends to our new pjuractive products. The addition of “active” signifies our support for all active people who like to exercise.

AT: 2skin was the first product to be marketed by pjuractive and is already being used by a number of well-known athletes, such as the world-class triathlete and double Ironman World Champion, Jan Frodeno. Why do athletes love pjuractive 2skin so much?
Alexander Giebel: Our product, pjuractive 2skin, is an innovative gel, which provides protection against chafing and blisters. Athletes often repeat the same movement again and again, during which skin-on-skin or skin-on-clothing friction occurs, resulting in chafing and blistering. Until now only products offering limited assistance have been available, and these have not been adapted to the various requirements of the many different types of sport. Our product, 2skin, is different. Thanks to special film-forming ingredients, it creates an invisible protective layer offering lubrication and protection, which is breathable, resistant and ultra long lasting. It is also resistant to water and sweat, making it the ideal product even for the most challenging land and water-based sports. It’s no wonder that world class athletes like Jan Frodeno love our product so much.

AT: All of the pjur group’s products are developed in-house. What made you decide to develop this particular type of sports gel?
Alexander Giebel: We use high-quality silicones in many of our products. As silicone is larger than the pores of the skin, the skin does not absorb it, meaning it remains on the surface of the skin and forms a protective film. These are the ideal prerequisites for a product, which is intended to protect the skin of athletes, don’t you think? Our success bears this out. Since the product’s launch in March 2015, by August 2015, 2skin had already been awarded gold in the category of injury prevention and received two silver awards for “Best Innovation” by the English magazine’s ‘Men’s Running Magazine’ and ‘Women’s Running Magazine’. Recently, pjuractive 2skin has received additional accolades. Each year, the ISPO AWARD honours outstanding product innovations in the sports industry. 2skin was recognised as the winner in the “Performance” category. We’re proud that 2skin is doing so well.

World Champion Protection: Don’t let blisters and chafing stop you at your next race.


AT: What type of athletes is 2skin suitable for?
Alexander Giebel: pjuractive 2skin is suitable for anyone who wants to protect their skin against chafing and blisters. Of course, this often occurs with high strain or prolonged strain. That’s why we work particularly closely with triathletes, marathon and trail runners, cyclists and swimmers. Chafing can also occur when hiking or riding or to anyone who is making an extended or unaccustomed effort – 2skin helps in all circumstances.

AT: 2skin is not the only product in the pjuractive range. In the last year, you also launched another product, the BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray? What does this product help with?
Alexander Giebel: Not only do many athletes frequently suffer from chafing, but they also often shave on a daily basis, and this is usually just before a competition. The consequence is razor burn, skin irritation and inflammation. Many products that are supposed to provide protection contain alcohol and perfume, which usually exacerbate skin irritations instead of soothing them. That’s why our BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray is free from alcohol and perfume. It doesn’t sting when applied and cares for the skin thanks to the addition of aloe vera and provitamin B5. This product is already enjoying great popularity amongst athletes.

AT: Where can athletes buy these two pjuractive products?
Alexander Giebel: Both of these pjuractive products can be purchased at au.pjuractive.com/shop/. We are also currently in the process of setting up an Australian distribution network, and we are delighted to receive enquiries via sales@pjuractive.com. No athlete should be stopped by blisters and chafing! With pjuractive that won’t happen!

We would like to thank; Alexander Giebel for answering our questions, and we are sure that pjuractive products will also support you in achieving your sporting goals. Try it out!


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