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Here in Australia we are very lucky to have some great swimwear companies. Names like Speedo and Funky Trunks are basically household names amongst swimmers and triathletes. There are, however, quite a number of other brands out there making a large range of technical swimwear. One such brand is Amanzi. Their name alone is quite cool. Meaning water in Zulu, their whole ethos is around creating chlorine resistant, highly durable, stylish and very unique looking training swimwear. There is no doubt the designs are unique looking. In fact, they are pretty out there, which should be right up the average triathletes ally as triathletes do like to stand out. They are also very affordable, so you could easily grab a couple of pairs.


Amanzi isn’t actually a new company. They have been around since the 2000s and were born from a frustration of not being able to find any fun, colourful training swimwear – most swimwear of the time being either black, blue, green or red.

One of the things that attracted us to reviewing Amanzi is the amount of support they have shown triathletes from, not only Australia but around the globe. Some of their more high profile triathletes include XTERRA champ Jacqui Slack, as well as ITU specialists Vendula Frintova, Gillian Sanders, Zsofia Kovacs, Kaitlin Donner, Amelie Kretz and Laura Lindemann.

The range for women is quite expansive. They have a huge selection of one-piece swimsuits, sports bikinis and also several designs of knee length suits, which you don’t see with many other brands. We like the options because it gives the best of all worlds. While most women will choose the one piece, the sports bikini is pretty cool too. It gives the chance to get the stomach a little colour in the summer months and also allows athletes with longer torso’s, who struggle with the length of a one piece, to use a performance suit to train in. Then there is the knee length suit, which, at least down in the southern states, is great for the winter training months.

The range for men is a little simpler. You can choose from a variety of Jammers. Most have some pretty outrageous designs on them, although there is also a plain black version for the more subdued amongst us.

“The very first thing we noticed is they got peoples attention, especially with the under 30’s.” – The Test Lab

Now it’s one thing to have all these options and claims of durability etc., but how do they perform over a period of time? Well, that’s what we decided to find out.


We gave the female one piece and male Jammers to our testers, Nadelle, Kent and myself [Pat Legge], to train in for the lead up to the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii race in June. Nadelle used the really cool looking Daintree one piece, Kent the bright green Bone Apetit Jammers and myself the out there, ‘creepy hands’, Apocalypse Jammers. We used them in both chlorine and salt water pools, and in open water swims.

The very first thing we noticed is they got peoples attention, especially with the under 30’s – the vibrant colours and patterns were a big hit. All of us felt they were very comfortable and none of the suits caught water at all. When it came to the women’s one-piece, the thing Nadelle always looks for is whether the suit ‘rides up’ during a session. She finds this to be both annoying and distracting. When it comes to Amanzi they pass her number one test. To this date they still don’t ‘ride up’ and have maintained their shape and firmness. Nadelle has noticed a little stretch in the suits length, but for her this has been good, as she tends to be one of those athletes with a long, lean torso. We would assume the stretch in this case is due to her body length more than anything else. Overall, she loved the fit of the suit she tested and the fact that over repeated use in a variety of locations, the suit performed perfectly. She was also a massive fan of the Daintree design.

When it comes to the Jammers it’s pretty simple really. You put them on, tie them up and swim. Over the time we have used them the shape hasn’t changed and they feel like a comfortable second skin – you can’t ask for anything else. There has been no fade and absolutely no stretch in the time both Kent and myself have tested them.


One word of warning though, they are made from a soft sublimated material and are meant for training-in only. Don’t go playing in the wave pool with your kids while wearing them. I made that mistake and scraped up the material on the front of the shorts pretty badly. Complete user error on my part as I was crawling around on the rough edges of the wave pool with my 18 month old after finishing off a swim set, but worth knowing anyway. Kent on the other hand used his correctly and there has been no change in their appearance since he has been using them.

The final piece in the puzzle for Amanzi is their price point. Prices for the men’s Jammers range between $45 for plain black up to $60 for the print versions. Women’s one-piece swimsuits are $80 with girls coming in at $60, while the women’s sport bikinis come in at approximately $80 and the girls at $60. Last of all are the very affordable knee length women’s suits at $85.

Overall, Amanzi hasn’t let us down and it’s always nice to support the brands that look after our fellow triathletes. And when you consider that they are constantly coming out with new patterns and designs, you’ll always be able to stand out in these suits.

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Craig McKenzie and Patrick Legge are The Test Lab. Two guys with an obsession for trialling all things related to swimming, riding and running and telling anyone who will listen what they think. Having 20 years each in the sport, they’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but always loved the innovation triathlon brings to the world stage. Craig raced as a professional triathlete, winning 4 National Duathlon titles, and has worked as an exercise physiologist, osteopath and coach, while Pat has built a career running a personal training, massage and coaching business, working with State, Australian and World Champions, including Australian Olympic and Commonwealth squads whilst competing himself.

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