Embracing The Pain

The mental game in triathlon, whether it is in the quest of winning or just getting to the finish line, can be one of the hardest challenges that any of Read More

Luke Bell – A New Direction

Luke Bell is one of the most successful Australian triathletes and recently decided to join Melbourne based coaching group, TriVelo to pass on his knowledge and experience, and to help Read More

Linsey Corbin – Never Give Up

Linsey Corbin has been a professional iron-distance triathlete since forever. Many of us have made a lifelong career from triathlon but few usurp Corbin’s loyalty to the long distance discipline. Read More

When the hard work pays off …

Look, I realise this isn’t something new – it’s not ground breaking and let’s be honest, pretty much every other triathlete on the planet already knows this (especially those who Read More

What’s your Legacy?

As a coach, my focus on my athletes isn’t necessarily just about them becoming the best athletes they can be. What matters most to me is who they become, as Read More

Strong | Brave | Humble

Patriotism. It has always been held as an honourable quality in a person, portraying loyalty and belonging, commitment and sacrifice. In sport, especially, we display our international colours and hold Read More

A Look Back

It’s just over a week until my first race of the season – the half iron distance event at Challenge Melbourne on Sunday, 22 April 2018. I’ve officially hit taper Read More

Taking a Chance

History classes were always filled with bloody tales of epic battles, heroes and villains, revolutions and conquests; the Nazis; Communism; the Holocaust. History was certainly dramatic, but it always felt Read More

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