Simon ‘Snowy’ Johnson is a well-known Melbourne triathlete who is one of the most talented, nicest and most positive athletes on the triathlon scene. He has competed at the Holy Read More

Racing in the Wild, Wild West

Started planning your racing calendar yet? Have you considered adding Ironman Western Australia (WA) to your schedule? With 65 Kona slots allocated to the race this year, why wouldn’t you Read More


As triathletes, we’re purveyors of pain. It’s the nature of the beast that is triathlon. Bakers deal in flour, builders in wood and stone, and some less salubrious consorts of society Read More

My Ironman Training Hacks

“Swim, bike, run…. eat/sleep/work… swim, bike, run…” It’s official – I have entered Ironman Western Australia (yeow!) and the #IMWA2017 training carousel has begun. My life is now officially training, Read More

I Am A Triathlete

Prejudice – it’s not a word I can really claim to have much affiliation with given I’m a white, straight, educated, thirty-five-year-old female from England. But we all experience prejudice Read More

Aussie Triathlete on Tour

“Get comfortable Willy – we’re not going anywhere for a while.” It’s well after 11 pm, and considering we all have to race the next morning, I feel we have Read More

The Great Leader

One of my greatest heroes is the great Coach John Wooden. As the legendary coach of the UCLA Basketball Team, he won ten NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] National Championships Read More

Operation Balance

So… It’s six months to #IMWA. Six. Months. Say, what? Right. As it turns out, I can’t put training off any longer. I can’t avoid getting in the pool. I Read More

Team Life

At face value, triathlon appears a sport for individuals. Even in ITU when country codes appear blazoned across the chest and back, it is rare that team tactics initiate any Read More

Quality vs.Quantity

A major element of progression and success in triathlon, as in any endurance sport, or almost any refined skill, for that matter, is consistency. The daily grind of repetitive motion Read More

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