Meet Jed Shiels

Equality – noun, the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.   People have fought for equality for centuries (and still are) – we have the feminist Read More

Jake Birtwhistle

To be any chance of getting a podium finish on the ITU’s World Triathlon Series the numbers are pretty intense. Success requires a special kind of all-round athlete who is Read More

Ashleigh Gentle

The commencement of a new Olympiad is always an exciting time, and as we head towards Tokyo 2020, there is the natural cycle of events that sees the establishment of Read More

Playing Catch Up

There’s nothing like being told you can’t do something, to make you want to do it! It’s been four weeks since my bike crash. OK – in hindsight, not really Read More

The Art of Suffering

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Your heart is thumping, jumping out of your chest. Your Read More

Route Change

With this being my last essay type article for Australian Triathlete Magazine, I had a good, hard think about the most valuable advice I could give a triathlete regarding experience Read More

Australian Triathlon Police

The police lights went on, reflecting in my rear-view mirror with all the unwanted lumens of a fireworks display after a grumpy pensioner’s bedtime. I was instantly riddled with guilt, Read More

What’s SUP!

With roots in ancient Polynesia, Stand Up Paddle Boarding/Surfing, or SUP’ing, as it’s affectionately known, has been around for thousands of years. It’s a form of surfing where the rider Read More

Front wheels and tram tracks

Someone recently said to me – “The saying, ‘There are two types of cyclists: those who have crashed and those who will’ should be altered to, ‘There are two types Read More


Simon ‘Snowy’ Johnson is a well-known Melbourne triathlete who is one of the most talented, nicest and most positive athletes on the triathlon scene. He has competed at the Holy Read More

Racing in the Wild, Wild West

Started planning your racing calendar yet? Have you considered adding Ironman Western Australia (WA) to your schedule? With 65 Kona slots allocated to the race this year, why wouldn’t you Read More

My Ironman Training Hacks

“Swim, bike, run…. eat/sleep/work… swim, bike, run…” It’s official – I have entered Ironman Western Australia (yeow!) and the #IMWA2017 training carousel has begun. My life is now officially training, Read More

I Am A Triathlete

Prejudice – it’s not a word I can really claim to have much affiliation with given I’m a white, straight, educated, thirty-five-year-old female from England. But we all experience prejudice Read More

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