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Back in the November 2016 edition, we reviewed the Coros Frontier helmet. A ‘smart’ helmet, of sorts, and one that offered quite a few features – the ability to listen to music without compromising traffic awareness, to receive phone calls, to record your ride and to receive ride directions, were all great features. They did exactly what they said they would and for many people, these features only add to the enjoyment of riding and training. Now, at the time we only had the one helmet and no Walkie Talkie unit – so we couldn’t test that feature. Fast forward to April, and we were able to pick up a second helmet and the two Walkie Talkie units.

First up, you’ll need to remove the Walkie Talkie unit from its packaging and charge it using the helmet charger. When charged you simply turn on the unit and helmet. Hit the Bluetooth pairing button, hold it down for five seconds, and it will automatically pair to your helmet. It is important not to have multiple helmets close by when pairing, but once it is paired, you won’t have a problem with anyone else’s helmet. Once everyone in your group has paired their helmets you then all need to choose the same FM channel on the Walkie Talkie unit. There are 16 to choose from so you should be able to find one without too much other chatter on it. However, channels five and 11 are for emergency only. You can then chuck the unit in your jersey pocket and use the helmet handlebar control mount to operate the Walkie Talkie. There is a clearly marked button on the handlebar mount, which represents the Walkie Talkie. You simply press it to talk. You’ll hear a dual tone that means you can now talk.

When you are finished talking you simply press the button again to clear the channel. Other members will hear a ‘ding’, and that means they are now free to talk. It would be quite handy if the person who has finished speaking also heard the ‘hang up’ tone, but unfortunately, you don’t. This left us wondering every now and again if we had, in fact, hung up. Luckily though, if you don’t hang up it does automatically hang up after 60 seconds.

We spent a weekend riding around some of our favourite locations, from Beach Road to the hills, and in and around Melbourne, testing the new function of the Coros helmet. The reality is we had a bit of fun with it. You can quite easily organise a little attack on a cycling buddy while out training, which is certainly a bit of fun and if one of you get dropped it’s very easy to let your mate or group know. We had thought it could be used when large group rides, like a squad ride, split up and one coach needs to communicate with another coach. However, we found the claim of ‘one-kilometre range’ of clear communication to be more like 500 metres. Any further than 500 metres and we discovered that the conversation would break up and become unclear. This doesn’t mean the Walkie Talkie option isn’t a good coaching tool, but it might be better used in keeping groups together over small distances or situations where a coach may be located at the front and rear of a ride, such as a beginner group or the like.

While this new function of the Coros helmet is a bit of fun for mates and could certainly be used as a coaching aid, it probably wouldn’t be something you would use anywhere near as much as the other great features available in the Coros helmet. Still, if you have the helmet, why not grab the Walkie Talkie? It is after all only $59.

What COROS Frontier Smart Helmet Can Do Intelligently?

Phone Call Reminder and Answering
Do you want to have a choice to answer a phone call while you are riding? If the answer is Yes, then COROS Frontier smart helmet would be the one for you. You can easily answer a phone call which might be important to you through smart remote which is mounted to your bike handlebar.

Voice Navigation
When a group are riding or training together, it would be so much fun and convenient if group members can communicate each other through Walkie Talkie. For a group activity, there are just too many reasons to keep this function available. Walkie Talkie unit is packed and sold separately and will be available for sale soon.

Emergency Alerts: If the cyclists are engaged in any collision and fall off the bike, the sensor embeded in our helmet would be able to detect it. An emergency alert SMS with GPS location would be generated and sent to nominated emergency contact.

Data Sync: COROS Intelligent Helmet can collect real time data of your riding, and then sync those data back to your smart phone. You can view and share your riding data through smart phone app.

Music and Podcast: Does it make your riding more enjoyable if you can listen to the music, radio and podcast you like at the same time while you are riding? You can also easily manage to pause or skip to the next song or audio file through smart remote mounted on your bike handlebar.

Music and Podcast: One day you might want to have a try on a new route which can give you a buzz of that day. Somehow, you might lose your direction somewhere. No worry, through COROS Frontier smart helmet Voice Navigation feature, you can easily find your way out again.



Craig McKenzie and Patrick Legge are The Test Lab. Two guys with an obsession for trialling all things related to swimming, riding and running and telling anyone who will listen what they think. Having 20 years each in the sport, they’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but always loved the innovation triathlon brings to the world stage. Craig raced as a professional triathlete, winning 4 National Duathlon titles, and has worked as an exercise physiologist, osteopath and coach, while Pat has built a career running a personal training, massage and coaching business, working with State, Australian and World Champions, including Australian Olympic and Commonwealth squads whilst competing himself.

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