Cervelo Reveal Their Personal. Best.

4 October, 2016
 Cervélo unveils its Personal Best, the much anticipated P5X – Cervélo’s best, most personal triathlon bike ever.

Today, from the Athlete’s Village at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Cervélo launches the P5X, the fastest, most technologically advanced triathlon bike ever made.

Pioneering a brand new “personal” approach and featuring revolutionary technologies which address the unique needs of every triathlete, whether training, racing or travelling, Cervélo continues with its tradition of setting the benchmark in the world of Triathlon.

“Launching our brand new P5X with our entire team of engineers in Kona during the World Championship means a lot to us; this is where we first made history with Chrissie Wellington winning her first World Championship on the P2. We have been the leading bike brand at Kona for 11 years in a row and, hopefully, on October 8th, we will be able to make that 12. This is why there was no better place for us to introduce our best ever bike – the P5X. The P5X is a personal best for us and we know it will help athletes achieve their own personal best.” – Antoine Ballon, Global Marketing Director.


“The P5X is a triathlon bike three years in the making” says Sean McDermott, Engineering Director. “It takes charge of the unique needs of triathletes first and foremost which led us to its exclusive design which we then engineered, adjust- ed and refined to create the fastest superbike on the road.”

Before even entering the design phase, Cervélo conducted a full year of real world research. This included taking 14,500 photos at global triathlon events and training camps, cataloguing 4,600 bike set-ups and interviewing nu- merous athletes, fitters and coaches. It revealed that what triathletes really need from their bike, is individual tailoring and ease of adjustment. Results showed that only 3.8% of triathletes use what Cervélo found to be the “most com-mon set up”. The priorities for creating the ultimate tri bike became clear; walking away from UCI rules and guidelines, to build a bike with individual tailoring, capable of incredible speed that could also be transported seamlessly around the world thanks to easy assembly and disassembly.

Cervélo partnered with two of North America’s finest composite suppliers — Hed Cycling Products and ENVE Com- posites — to design and manufacture the P5X. Whilst Cervélo’s partnership with HED means the bikes are a result of flawless carbon manufacturing, their collaboration with ENVE tackled the design of the bike with ease of assembly and deconstruction in mind. Together they created a fork/handlebar system that fulfilled the requirements of today’s triathletes through a split aerobar folding into a holster, offering ease and safety in packaging and shipping.

“With the P5X, we’ve developed multiple micro and macro adjustment possibilities and an entire range of easy to access storage products. Whether training or racing, everything that is needed has been considered and can now be securely stowed in the P5X’s exclusive Smartpak, Speedcase and Stealthbox components,” says David Killing, Senior Designer. Capable of storing up to 3 water bottles, all the nutrition needed for an Ironman, flat kit, cold weather gear and just about anything else you can think of, the P5X can carry everything you really need with no drag penalty.

In addition to this, the unprecedented adjustability allows every athlete’s morphology to find their perfect fit with quick and simple adjustments, featuring a wide front end fit range through a unique 112mm sliding stack adjustment with 91mm reach adjustment, a flip-able base bar and 0 to 12-degree tilt adjustment.

“To me speed is a matter of 3 parameters”, says Mat Steinmetz, pro fitter who helped Cervélo develop the P5X. “Speed = Comfort + Power + Aerodynamics… in that order. The P5X does just that. It is absolutely key that athletes are capable of sustaining their aero position for the entire duration of the event, otherwise power is wasted and aero is lost.

This is to be expected from Cervélo as aerodynamic excellence has been integral to their DNA and the P5X is no ex- ception. 180 hours spent in the wind tunnel combined with extensive CFD analysis has lead to ultimate speed for bike and rider not only in the wind tunnel but in real life conditions. The P5X also features a disk brake with flat mount, the best braking system available today, for more safety and improved stiffness making it precise and responsive, offering exceptional performance in terms of modulation and stopping distance.

This combination of speed, stability, cross handling and ultimate power transmission makes for a badass ride. “It has been an amazing opportunity to work with Cervélo on the P5X and I look forward to riding it at Kona this year,” says Ironman 2013 World Champion Frederik Van Lierde who took part in the testing phases.

With an ultralow stand-over height, sizing of the P5X is streamlined to only 4 unique frame options – S, M, L, XL.

The P5X features the latest SRAM RED eTap system, including SRAM crank, and ENVE 7.8 wheels and is available from 4th October 2016 at 80 select Cervélo retailers around the world, including 35 North American shops priced at $15,000 USD. The second build will showcase an Ultegra Di2 groupset, a Rotor crank and Hed 6.9 wheels. Available from 1st December, it is priced at $11,000 USD. A fully customized Cervélo travel case, co-developed with Biknd to make travelling with the P5X safe and stress-free, comes as an option for purchase at a cost of $849 (USD).

Get a closer look with our gallery here 

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